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  • yo wdup, i remember you PMing me before about installing springs haha.

    you were at the 626 meet? did we talk? haha damn i forgot.. my bad.
    actually i looked at my wrong work schedule, either anytime tomorrow 11-4 (after i go to the shop) or im free all day tuesday haha. let me know man.
    yeah guppies sounds good. Um im going to get it off tomorrow and probably meet you up on tues? I have work tomorrow at night so yeah. Im free on wed night too.
    alright sounds good $130 since they're just sitting in my box. Um I'll let you know when i take them off my stock struts. Let me know when you are free and we can work out meeting somewhere yeah?
    Im in socal, 714. Yeah I still have them, I only had them on for like a few months and switched over to coilovers. I'll let them go for $150. Let me know. Where are you located?
    I got a sedan grill that I just happen to come upon on ebay a couple years ago, it is similar to the coupe one but the opening for both is different, also with your grill it may be a bit hard to do since it sits flush, on the 01 and 02 bumpers the grill is set back. If you could find a sedan grill you could probably do it but trying to find one could be really hard. BadderType did it with your same type of bumper, you could try and see what did. Let me know if I can give you anymore help.
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