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    DesiKid's 01 Accord Sedan EX-L

    1.) Sell me your supercharger, please lol 2.) Bring the car down here, and lets get this swap going
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    PuzzleMaster94's J32 6MT 1999 Accord EX-L V6 Coupe (56k)

    Update: Car has a new tune from English Racing in Washington state. Runs and drives great still. Still needs wrapped. New Additions: RL Calipers with 350Z rotors LED Tail Lights (mostly complete now) CLS Tan Seats --Have not decided if I am sticking with tan or buying a black interior to put...
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    Richard's '03 CL-S 6MT

    I know you've been messaging me on IG about all this, but it looks good to see it all updated in one place. When the time comes, itll be a fun car for sure.
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    Richard's '03 CL-S 6MT

    Let me know as well. Could use a few things from it
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    Richard's '03 CL-S 6MT

    Send some photos of the car.
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    Richard's '03 CL-S 6MT

    Good find. One day I'll buy a nice one to keep, instead of parts cars
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    Honda Accord 3.0 V6 Coupe - bodykit??

    I believe Honda sold some to the UK as well. Thats identical to how my front looks, so I'd say thats an OEM kit. Very hard to find now.
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    Evan's 05 TL 6MT

    Yea, it is kind of dead in here anymore. Thanks for the props though
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    PuzzleMaster94's J32 6MT 1999 Accord EX-L V6 Coupe (56k)

    Depends on everything I have going on. I should probably be able to do that, depending on rusty bolts and all that fun stuff. I texted you about it though
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    Site changes...

    Also would like to edit first post. Still not fixed
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    J32a2/6mt swap p1129 Map higher than expected...

    Auto and manual TBs are the same thing on the 32a2's. A lot of people have the idle surge on the B series TB's. After making sure the IACV is good, try and sand the inner part of the throttle body where the door opens and closes. I have heard it sticks sometimes because the tolerances are very...
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    PuzzleMaster94's J32 6MT 1999 Accord EX-L V6 Coupe (56k)

    So outta update this thread again. Just putting this first, yes it still runs and drives. Still on a base map, because I've been very busy with school, jobs, and other things. I really need to make time to finish this thing up to make it nice again. It's been far too long. Anyway, still runs...
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    Evan's 05 TL 6MT

    I guess year end report for the TL is in order. After pulling the engine twice in January and doing essentially a refreshed engine (new gaskets, valve job/seals, head gaskets, etc) and putting it back together, she has been reliable as ever. Recently put a Tsudo cat-back exhaust and a third cat...
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    FS: Richie's 6 speed module harness. + ECU

    As someone who has wired up Richies and went to AEM, this is still a good deal. And the V4 is getting very hard to find. Have you reached out to Richie about repairs? He did not seem interested in doing mine.
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    PuzzleMaster94's J32 6MT 1999 Accord EX-L V6 Coupe (56k)

    Having driven the car a few times in the last week or so, I have discovered some issues. I still can't get the temp gauge to work, so I'm either going to put in an aftermarket temp gauge, or try to dive back into the wiring to figure it out again. I know not many people are AEM in here, but...

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