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  • Hi, could you please tell me what is the name of this trunk lip? It fits perfectly. I would like to buy exactly the same ASAP. Could you please help me to find it? Is it available on ebay?
    Hey Thx for the compliment, just line work in adobe illustrator. I wish i had a 3d model of our car, I would be able to create drawing like that in seconds, with the ability to change view angle or any other focal property.
    hey bro how I make my headlights have that yellow look on the left side ????? Please and thanks for the help
    Hey, did you ever fix your cracked driver door armrest? If so, how? I both mine are shot, and I was thinking of using a plastic bonding agent. Trying to find someone who may have experience fixing them. Dealership wants 75 a side.
    my accord bothers i need help i'm looking for a higher torque converter for my v6 Honda and i have been looking.i still have the stock engine in there i'm rebuilding the tranny now but i want a higher torque converter. please help!!! i need it
    I haven't forgot about you, I almost found them today. They beat me to it. they took the tranny and seats DAMN!!!

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