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  • Hey man I found this website a couple months back and found your (old) car and honestly I want mines to look exactly like yours lol. I just had a question if you don't mind; you wrote you have dual led strips, is that just like 1 led directly on top of another or was you saying you have one for each headlight? Also, did you paint the chrome part of where the low beam headlight use to be? Sorry man if my questions are dumb, still pretty new to cars!
    Thanks for the rep, glad you got the bar on. You never think strut bars will make much of a difference, but a 1pc bar and the TL/CL strut bar together make a noticeable difference.
    Yeah that is awesome. Just don't do the Varrstoens everyone does (TE37 type). And I don't see to many battles, if any, on coupes so it would look great. Just repaint them other than gold haha. I can't wait!
    Thanks man, i could of got some last week for a steal 200$ but didnt make the deal in time :(

    i never seen anyone go the "poke" route with these...mabey ill be the first
    they look amazing on your car...im on the hunt for some tl wheels for my sedan..i wanna get the biggest spacers possible for the rear and make them flush in the front and stretch a little bit.
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