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    Maaco paint job, yay or nay?

    You get what you pay for. If you were painting to sell, I don't see a problem. Painting in hopes of something nice and to keep.. hell no
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    Lug Nut for OEM wheel

    Stripped the lug nut or the stud?
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    Goo gone color gone

    Wipe it down and clean it like a mad man. You need to remove any/all silicone, grease, grime etc.. let by armor all or any other dash/interior cleaner you have used. Then find a plastic paint that matches. Ripping the dash out is a day job in itself. Good luck.
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    Goo gone color gone

    Ouch. Never use Goo Gone for stuff like that lol.. as you see. Or at least color test it somewhere hidden first. :duckhunt: @ Gay City in the background
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    Chrome rims

    Kinda at a loss here. To me the sticker bombed lip on a black car just doesn't look right and those rims are just the wrong style and size to pull off chrome on our cars. But hey man if you like it than more power to you, that is what matters the most.
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    FS: rear pads(thermo quiet)

    Awesome pads. The only ones I buy for any vehicle anymore. Super quiet, very very low dust. Highly recommended.
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    Fuel Door Plastic Insert; Wheel Center Caps

    Just in case you missed it in your other post.. Part # 74423-SZ3-003 HOLDER, FUEL CAP $2.94...
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    Is my fuel door missing a rubber insert or something?

    Part # 74423-SZ3-003 HOLDER, FUEL CAP $2.94|019|028&catcgry1=ACCORD&catcgry2=2001&catcgry3=4DR+EX&catcgry4=KA4AT&catcgry5=OUTER+PANEL&vinsrch=no&ListAll=&prdrefno=&act=&count=0&quantity=0
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    The Car Show

    I've seen the commercials but the fact that Adam Carolla is on the show kind of turned me off to it. He just doesn't seem like a car guy at all to me. Based on your review I might give it a view just to check it out though.
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    who's car is this????

    yeah if it was lowered it would be hot.
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    Photoshoot: RHD Content

    meh, on the fence about it. Not really a fan of these cars nor that paint. They look retardly long when lowered.
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    who's car is this????

    sad thing about it that car is probably better taken care of then most of ours lol
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    who's car is this????

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    changing oil pan at the moment!! help!

    If you already had 6 hours invested you should have gone ahead and removed that broken bolt too lol... would have been your best option so you don't have to worry about doing this all over again when/if it leaks.