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  • I want one and that's not a bad price but if I want to get my suspension and other key things done, I need not be buying all the little things. Otherwise, I'll never get anything done, lol. One will pop up again Im sure. Plus the TL ones are cheap.
    "I have a Neuspeed bar(polished) already boxed up and ready to ship. $100 + shipping, let me know."

    Damn you. Temptress...:lawl:
    Hey do you want those covers? I'm giving them to you if you still want them. Just pay shipping. Or, I'll just give them to someone else. Figured I'd ask my Canadian friend since you showed intereste
    I hear you. Since it's red and you can do the housing in red as well, it won't be anything that really pops too much on the bumper.
    Tbh that kind of fell by the wayside with how intently I was looking for a trunk, and trying to get my BBK and headers on. Now my focus is the wheels. But yeah it’s something still in the back of my head, guess I haven’t made my mind up either way on it. After the wheels and GC’s, I’ll probably be done with major mods for the car, then start focusing on small stuff like that.
    Well I'll wait to see where it ends up being. If it's 6 hours or less away, that's about the max I can do. Unless there is a decent size caravan, then I might drive further. That's awesome if it is a wife friendly meet.
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