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  • I'll have to check when I get home to be sure, but it looks similar. That might even be one size above mine, I think mine lifts to 18".
    I just don't have the funds to be throwing around on unnecessary car parts. I got a nice tax refund and I bought a few cheap things like that speaker and a pair of horns, but they totaled less than $60. I have money set aside for my bills in case I still don't find a job but when I do, that money will go towards car parts. I just sold some things though so I might be able to afford something nice. Are there pics of that bar here, on 6GA, or would you have to get some?

    You're in CA though. Shipping things, unless you come into the states, is a pain because of Customs.
    I like that your paint has a flake in it, SMR doesn’t. I like the blues of Shahid’s and Mikey’s cars…but I feel like it’s a commonly chosen color (though you can't argue it looks great). That’s why I made mine that baby blue/teal color haha.

    A 6spd J35 sedan lowered with a full lip kit and Saleen wheels….I think could maybe pull off SMR.
    It would have to be one sporty looking sedan to be such a bright red. But if sedans like Shahid's can pull off electric blues, it could pull off red if done right.
    haha thanks, a professional photo works wonders for a car. I love how flared he wheel arches look in it due to the reflections. That day it was really cloudy too, but somehow Zach found a way to make the paint shine lol.

    Gleaming SMR is straight pronography. :lawl:
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