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    FS: TruWarier02's leftover stuff

    Sorry guys, I haven't been on here in a while. I will try to get some pics for you guys tomorrow. I still have it! Thanks John! It's been a minute...
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    TruWarier02's 2013 Genesis Coupe

    What's up fellas! Just updated the OP with some new pics and video.
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    Lug nuts for xxr wheels

    You should be fine but IIRC, someone had tried Rays nuts that are similar to the SR48 but the lug nut seats on some XXR wheels are a bit narrow. I had SR48's on my XXR wheels back then and they fit fine. But if you don't plan on running extended studs, a safe bet would be the Gorilla tuner lug...
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    What did you do today Auto Detailing related?

    Chris, the Absorber is great. Just make sure you blot the paint and don't rub the paint with it. Sometimes even after a good wash, some dirt may still be left on the paint and the Absorber can't catch the dirt like a microber towel can and the dirt will just drag on the paint. I use a $30...
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    Nicely done man! Love the subtle rear diffuser,along with the rest of the kit and beautiful wheels. Can't go wrong with black too!
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    FS: TruWarier02's leftover stuff

    Spacers sold locally to Oneloudaccord. Thanks man!
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    Side Branch Resonator

    Re: How to eliminate exhaust drone step by step Yep, they're Helmholtz resonators and I've only found that out after moving on to the Genesis. There's an axleback by Nameless Performance that is muffler-less with helmholtz resonators and only utilizes the factory single pipe catback. One of the...
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    TruWarier02's 2013 Genesis Coupe

    Thanks guys! Before I got this car, silver was probably one of the last options I would choose for a car. I've always thought it was such a bland color but ironically, silver is probably the color that best brings out the curves of the Genesis. I've grown to like it. Thanks, Chris! A lot of...
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    TruWarier02's 2013 Genesis Coupe

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I've updated this. I am thinking about going with an air setup by the end of the year. Possibly an air cup kit :rockit: 2013 Genesis Coupe 3.8 GT Hyundai trunk lip spoiler Sarona Design front lip Sarona Design SQ side skirts Sequence Mini diffuser Solo...
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    FS: TruWarier02's leftover stuff

    Hey guys, It's been a while. Still have a few things leftover. SpoilerKing polyurethane rear window spoiler - $100 picked up - Basically new with fresh NHBP paint - Added new 3M tape but sold the car shortly after - Very nice fitment NHBP Bayson R OEM-style front lip - $100 picked up -...
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    Lower Car, or Add Lips?

    Or Megan EZ Street if you want to have damping adjustability, which sounds important to you.
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    Wheel Fitment Thread

    Not possibly, a bumper tab relocation is a must! You'll also need to shave the rear bumper lip along the wheel well where it connects to the quarter panel. That's where the majority of the rubbing occurs. You shouldn't need a pull but you might want to do a slight pull in the front to reduce the...
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    Tein Street Advanced

    That was quick! I say buy tools and do it yourself. That way if issues arise like clunks and squeaks, you can diagnose it yourself rather than relying on a shop. The first time usually takes longer but it gets easier every time you need to remove and reinstall. And it's kinda fun..
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    Wheel Fitment Thread

    You'll be fine. Run 215/40 and around -4 to -4.5 camber and you're good to go.