1. 6thgeni

    Multiple CEL codes smog due in 8 days help!

    Hello! I have a 2001 LX Sedan with an f23 A1 I have multiple cel codes that point to a short to ground somewhere as the root of all these codes. I just don't know where to start. I need to get it to pass smog in eight days or I'll be without a car. At first it was just throwing a code for the...
  2. J

    p1259 CEL that refuses to go away

    For awhile now, the only code I've had in my recently swapped black top JDM f23a is the p1259 vtec malfunction (fault bank 1) code. When replacing my old engine with this one, the oil pressure switch (located above the oil filter) wire broke on the loom, I soldered the wire back together before...