1. Devin Dean

    2021 6gen 6speed swap

    Happy 2021! I'm about to swap my B7XA 4-Auto for the ATC6 6 Speed. I hope to collect as much info on this thread as possible to make it even easier for future swappers. First and foremost: Wiring Harness. I'm going to be running stock ECU with stock J30a1. I guess RichieV6 created a swap...
  2. R

    Very Specific Manual Swap Question

    Hi there, I'm sorry to post yet another 5 speed swap question but I've been looking for hours and can't find a specific answer to my situation. I have two Accords, a 1998 LX 4AT and a 1998 EX 5MT (both F23A1 engine). I want to manual swap the LX. The plan is to swap the ECU and associated...
  3. Aaron98manual

    1998 f23 Manual-ECU help!

    Hi everyone! I have an urgent need to get my 1998 accord running again. About 2 months ago it stalled less than a mile from my home and after I replaced the Distributor rotor it ran great for the next 3 days. Then on my way to work it would not start, and I have tried the Main fuel relay and an...
  4. B

    F23Z5 auto to manual swap

    Hi everybody, I have a 2001 Accord CL3 (European model) in which I've swapped the engine and transmission successfully. However, I am currently using the auto ECU, so I have some problems with the car. I can't pass 5500 rpm, and VTEC is not working, just like the speedo. In spite of having the...