p28 ecu

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    How does a dyno tuner tune a chipped P28 ECU?

    Getting a dyno tune this week and I can’t find any post on how dyno tuners tune chipped P28 ECUs. Do they use a live chip reader and plug directly into the ECU and use a program like Neptune for example? Whoever had their car dynoed and has a P28, can you tell me how that worked?
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    auto to manual + obd2b>0bd1 swap help? 2001 accord f23a1

    My auto trans shit the bed so I had replaced it with a f22b2 5 speed trans from my sister's parts car lol. So this is my daily driver right now but it only tacks at 5000 and its in limp mode with no vtec, or speedometer. I am looking to fix these issues but I need a little help here. I am...