CanAm Cruise 2010.....Official Thread


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Apr 6, 2009
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haha, thanks, you're pretty cool yourself, even when you look hungover as ****

lmao yea sunday morning was pretty bad. I gave away the rest of my vodka to greg and andy before they left :)

i was fine by the time i was done with breakfast tho


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Apr 20, 2007
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Arlington TX
thats good, i felt the same way when i hit the road in arkansas this morning

kevin needs to post the pics i took.......


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Nov 2, 2008
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New York
lmao i love the first pics they are freaking hilarious but you fail for posting them in the wrong thread lol:ohyou:


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Jan 6, 2007
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Tee Dot Ohh
omg yes, lol

just wanted to say how awesome the people that came out for canam are. everyone i met and got a chance to talk to are just super nice people, real down to earth, and everyone just had a great time together, like we had been friends for years. saturday night was awesome. both at the inn and once we headed out.

derek.... my brother.... *sigh* once again i'm not going to hold it against you but next year, you have no choice but to come out with us!

thanks to all the coordinators that made it possible. there was a ton of legwork and planning involved. lots of hours... so thanks to everyone again.

montreal guys, ur wicked awesome. lol.

i haven't even had a chance to look at the pics i took yet, it's been busy since i got back. hopefully i can get them up tonight.

I know, had to make a quick run to the US side to pick up some stuff for my cousin's baby shower the next day, and we actually had an early morning on the Sunday, so we gave our room to Victor and his wife.

CAQ Member's, definately happy with the strong showing of you guys this year as well! :omgbd:

hope you thought it was worth it buddy!!!

maaaaaaad props for making the trip up. we're all glad you came and everyone was happy to meet you.



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Oct 24, 2008
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Lewiston, NY/Niagara Falls, ON
My feedback is posted on TAC's Official CanAm Feedback thread:

SAV said:
From an attendee's point of view:

The cruise was amazing, I do admit, we were a bit longer at the park and at one point even I was getting restless but it was all worth it. The cruise route really utilized my new suspension to the fullest, overall I think I'd do it again - wherever it may be (even texas). It was great to see some of the guys/girls from Quebec and the states, we had a blast, especially on Saturday night! Too bad not many of the Toronto people stayed, but special thanks to Millz, DJ, G/Caroline, Danny, Victor/Marylene, and a few others who were there on Saturday night when we went out. I really wanted to make sure us Canadians (locals) had time to mingle with the people who came from 8+ hours away. From what i'm reading on 6GA, they really enjoyed meeting us and spending time with us outside to the cruise so good call in staying. Thanks for helping us win the slot fund at the casino 04komodo!

Special thanks to Dany/Kim from Quebec who came to the rescue of my car in pieces on Friday night, with all this planning and work for CanAm, i didn't have a chance to put my car together which I hadn't driven in a long time. Never underestimate KiwiGirl working on cars, she probably knows as much anyone else on here, if not more.

From a coordinator's point of view:

It was a huge pleasure working with such talented, resourceful people such as Derek, G/Caroline, DJ, Millz and on the US Side, Kevin/Justin. This cruise wouldn't be possible without these people, we worked very hard making sure everything was on point. It may look very easy to plan such a cruise, but there are so many things to consider when the attendance levels are so high. The coordinators made planning CanAm 2010 our full-time job!

Another shoutout to the sponsors, especially Tim from Acura of Peoria who made it out. Tim is a very talented parts guy, i'd encourage anyone who's looking to make an order with oemacuraparts to call him if you have any trouble. Their customer service is best!

Justin, I felt so bad you couldn't make it, you took so much dedication in setting up that caravan from the Northeast, I know you said you will never ever come to Canada but I hope that changes. We've all experienced our troubles with the border, some people know on TAC with my mishaps with the border but it never stopped me.

Another side note, I and the other coordinators were somewhat startled to see attendees drive out of the park during lunch, come back with food and sit and consume it in the presence of other people. I understand that sure, it took a few minutes to setup the BBQ, prices might not have been favorable to everyone, but it was for charity! The point of the event was to raise money for a good cause, and some people clearly failed to see that. I, along with other people there found this disrespectful and rude. If attendees did not want to eat to food for whatever reason, go out, consume, and come back.

My personal highlights from the weekend:

-Twenty-Mile Rd, all those twists, turns.
-Jay-Foxx dodges a bumblebee as he nearly was stringed.
-Jonas's story about how Jonas's wife thought DJ was my girlfriend (haha)
-Matty continuing to drink at 5am
-Running down Clifton Hill with 10 people to get to the casino in the pouring rain.
-Cruise to Niagara Falls from Fort Erie.
-eggs sammich and his fruity drink at bp
-when I thought Vince had a passenger, I later found out his passenger seat was wearing a canam shirt.

My pictures will be up shortly.

I'm looking forward to CanAm 2011 ! See ya'll there.