cleansleeper's Turbo G23 build


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Dec 27, 2011
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Frederick, Maryland
At this point in time the build is being abandoned and everything is up for sale in my for sale thread

Well everybody, the time has come :naughty:

Please, if there is anything that I have overlooked, or you have any suggestions let me know! I'm not as experienced as many of you and still have a lot to learn. So I'm positive I'm missing some stuff somewhere.

Thanks for looking! - Shawn


The overall goal: Turbocharged G23 (F23 block + H22 head). Make the best G23 that has ever been made. Powerful, reliable, and very nice to look at. 450 wheel horsepower, with daily reliability. 600+ for bragging rights and 1/4 mile runs. Seeing other builds, I believe this potent frakenstein hasn't seen its full potential, and I'm going to attempt to exploit it. E85 + 10.5:1 + Twin Scroll T4 turbo. Transmission decision will be made later on. The rest of the car will also be built as a track car but also as an overall showcase, the rest of the cars build thread will be made once its actually being worked on. The whole project for this car will be a few years and thousands in the making.. But hopefully be well worth it in the end :)

The basics:

*F23A1 Block*
-Light honing, stock 86mm bore
-New OEM crank
-Crower rods
-Wiseco custom forged pistons, 10:1
-ACL bearings
-ARP main bolts and fasteners
-Innovative 85a or 95a mounts
-Kaizenspeed balance shaft eliminator
-AEM/Unorthodox pulleys

*H22A4 Head*
-Exhaust and intake valves bored 0.5-1mm over.
-Custom intake manifold/plenum
-AEM fuel rail
-1000cc injectors
-Skunk2 throttle body
-Custom Crane cams, minimal overlap to cater to forced induction
-AEM cam gears
-Skunk2 intake and exhaust valves
-Skunk2 dual valve springs/titanium retainers

*Forced Induction*
-Twin Scroll T4 Turbo
-Large intercooler, impartial to manufacturer
-3 inch mandrel bent charge pipes
-Separate oil cooler
-Walbro 255lph fuel pump, maybe twins
-Custom functional hood scoop to get the cold air without being obvious.

-3 inch mandrel bent
-Hi-Flow cat, undecided if I'm keeping it or not
-Apex'i N1 muffler

-AEM gauges
-AEM Boost Controller
-AEM Turbo Timer

*My Resources*
-2 tower, 3 ton lift
-Transmission jack
-Engine lift
-Air compressor with assortment of drills, air hammers, etc..
-Every wrench you can think of
-Digital torque wrenches
-Digital clamps, measure to within .001mm
-Plastigauge and gaping tools
-Valve spring compressor tools
-10 ton press
-A father with 30 years engine building and diagnostics experience
-A bazillion other things.
Only time I'll need a shop is to say deck and bore the block, bore the valves, mandrel bend pipe (if I don't get stuff for that myself), and stuff like that that I obviously wouldn't have the equipment for.

Parts Aquired

-F23A1 Block/Girdle

Progress; Updated 1/14/13

1/14/13: Block and girdle





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IS300 SX > Accord
Dec 27, 2011
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Frederick, Maryland
Good luck on the build! I got some parts for the g23 frank. Lmk if you want any of it.

I'll hit you up for the h22 valve spring compressor. Should make it easier than using a generic press. Maybe for the head.. But I basically need nothing from a stock one so a local junker yard may be more up my alley.