Climate Control questions


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Aug 30, 2016
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Okay, I've searched. Maybe this information exists, and if so, I'd appreciate a link.

Lots of the lights on my climate control are out. This is just kind of annoying, but in the process of searching for a concise shopping list for what lamps to buy I find mostly references to the automatic climate control.

What's involved in upgrading?

I have automatic control in my Supra, which I love. Just tell the car that I want 22 deg C, and it will deal with heat and fan speeds for me. I like it, and am assuming that the same functionality would exist with the automatic control.

So, needing the control panel would be a big start, but there's got to be other things involved. I know that the Supra has a solar sensor in the dash under the windshield, an interior temperature sensor in the dash pad on the passenger side, and a coolant temperature sensor near the heater core. It uses these to determine how strong the sunshine is, what the current actual temperature in the car is, and whether or not it's worth turning on the fan past low speed if the inside of the car is cold. Probably similar sensors would be in place. Most likely provisions are in place for those sensors on cars that don't have them, I don't know about wiring harness provisions, though.

Has anyone here done such a conversion? Is there information available?

In the meantime, I'll just pull my climate control unit out and try to make a list of what lamps I need so that I can see the buttons at night.


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Sep 7, 2005
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Go to a junkyard and pull them out or go to a dealer with your information and get the bulbs.

35851-SP1-901 - $6.33/ea