DIY SCS Service Connector and SRS Reset


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Mar 4, 2006
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Westminster, CO
First off, if you're confused see this thread or this thread in the Accord Tech forum. This post is basically to combine the other 2 into an easier to follow method.

An SCS Service Connector is used to reset your SRS light, which every Accord owner will eventually end up having to do. The dealer charges anywhere from $65 to $95 to do this, I'll show you how to do it for under $10.00. First you need to go to Best Buy or Circuit City and pick up some late model Honda speaker harnesses by Metra. The Metra model number is 72-7802. Cut the female disconnects off the ends of the speaker harnesses and strip about a half inch of jacket off of the wire. Twist the wire together and tape up the bare wire, you now have an SCS Service Connector for quite a but less than what Honda would have charged for one.

Now I'll show you how to reset the light. We've allready done the 1st step by making the SCS Connector.
You'll need to find the MES (Memory Erase Signal) connector.
It is a yellow connector with two wires in it that is plugged into the back of the driver's side fuse box, unplug it and pull it down. Once you have done that you can begin the process of erasing the memory. Here's a diagram for clearer understanding.

1st step in erasing the memory is to turn the ignition off and connect the SCS Service connector to the MES Plug,

2nd Turn Ignition on. SRS indicator light will come on for about 6 seconds then go off.

3rd Disconnect SCS service connector for MES connector within 4 seconds after SRS indicator light goes off. SRS indicator light will come on again.

4th Reconnect SCS service connector the MES connector within 4 seconds after SRS light comes on. SRS indicator light will go off.

5th Disconnect SCS service connector from MES connector within 4 seconds. SRS indicator light will indicate that memory is erased by blinking 2 times.

6th Turn ignition off, and wait 10 seconds. Start vehicle like normal and light should come on and go out like normal. You have reset your SRS light, congrats.

It worked first time for me. If it doesn't work first time, try again. The timing has to be pretty precise. Doing it with the connector I made is much easier that using a paper clip to jump the connector. Good Luck
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May 6, 2007
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PERFECT! Saved me since I removed my guage cluster and set this off.... Just plug in wait for it to go off remove and it comes on and repeat. very GOOD writeup!


I haven't had any problems with the SRS light yet but is good to have this on hand.
Good write out dude.


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May 8, 2007
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worked like a champ. i just used a paper clip spliced to an on off switch:


i call it a SSSRSRRS (super shoddy SRS reset w/ rocker switch)