Dome Light Short Near The Ignition


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Oct 28, 2018
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This is on a 2000 Accord V6 Sedan. I've been having an issue with a parasitic draw for the past 2 weeks that seems to randomly kill my battery. The problem seems to be very intermittent. I got it to register a draw on my meter, but as soon as I moved to start pulling fuses it went away. I've seen it 1 or 2 other times when testing, but can't get it to stay for long.

To give a little backstory on this car, I got it about 4-5 months ago from a friend and it wouldn't start. It had an aftermarket alarm at the time and the shop he had work on it removed the alarm, but still couldn't get it to start. When I got the car they had all of these harness plugs unplugged where they had been testing. I could see where the alarm had been installed with t-taps. I taped all of these wires that had been cut into to make sure that they didn't short. I also went back to make were still taped up. Anyway, after I got it with the wires unhooked, I plugged them all back in and determined it was the ecu that was bad. I replaced the ecu and instead of paying the dealer almost as much as I paid for the whole car to program it, I just removed the immobilizer chip from the ecu. The car has been great until about 2 weeks ago, but it has definitely had this wiring modified from the alarm. I just thought it was removed and the factory alarm seems to be working correctly.

So today I hooked my meter up again to check for a draw and went around the car wiggling wires in the harness to see if any shorted out. Well, when I started pulling on wires near the ignition area a draw appeared. I don't necessarily think this is my whole problem as it's not as big of a draw as what I saw the other day, but it's definitely a problem. So I removed the trim around the steering wheel and can't figure it out. It seems like if I either pull on the top plug that over the green plugs, or the wires going into the two green plugs, the draw appears, but it also turns the dome light on. So it seems like something is shorting out with a wire that powers the dome light. The problem is I can't figure out which wire it is, or where the short is. If I get the dome light to come on by pulling the wires, then unclip the plugs, the dome light doesn't immediately go off. However, with any of these three plugs unhooked, I've not been able to get it to short and turn the dome light on. I also tried probing these wires and none turned the dome light on.

Do any of you know which color wire here and from which plug could be sending power to the dome light? Any suggestions on how I should start tackling this? I'm not an expert when it comes to electrical work, so any help is appreciated.