Evan's '02 Sedan EX

Evan Wood

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Mar 3, 2022
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Ontario, CA
Current mods:
the engine is the stock 2.3L 4banger right now with 4spd auto tranny
lowered 3 inches with coilovers, and the font has 1in spacers for fitment reasons
the interior is mostly stock (wont be for long because i hate beige) aside from the fuel pump relay kill switch I installed along with a double dinn stereo head unit and some much, MUCH better speakers
not much has been done to the exterior aside from some stitching on the bumper because it was cracked almost in half when i got it, and the plate has been moved for airflow reasons

This is my first car and ive fallen in love with it
it has 175k miles on the engine and 205k miles on the chasis ( the first owner had to replace the motor, but its still an identical f23a4 )

Ive had this turbo [below] for some time and im planning on building a kit around it soon to put it on my accord but first i want to do a tranny swap to a 5spd manual, but i dont know what tranny will work and where to source it from, so if someone could point me in the right direction i'd be appreciative
(also i cant find a turbo exhaust manifold with the oxygen sensor hole on the side, so if someone could also shoot me towards that)

in the future im gonna do a door panel swap for the front driver's side door because its been dented to hell, and then get the car painted deep purple, like, really dark, lightly glittery, purple (no, not midnight purple)


big turbo, honestly im not even sure if the engine will be able to spin the turbine enough to make significant power lmao


engine bay, i try to keep it clean. before i build the turbo kit im going to rebuild the engine to prep it to handle the boost, new cylinder head, new studs, new valve cover, bored cylinders, better pistons, etc.


(this image [above] was taken before the car was lowered)


Thank you guys in advance for any feedback, advice, and answers, I just found out forums are a thing and I'm excited to have found this site because it honestly seems like the 6th gen accord gets no love in the tuner scene >bruh

the turbo got stolen so thats no longer an option but im working on getting stiffer springs for my coils because the current ones have a spring rate too similar to the stick struts
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Sep 5, 2008
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Fawking, OH
Welcome to the site. Sounds like you have your plans laid out and are taking the right approach to get there. I'm a V6 guy so I don't have intimate knowledge of the 4cyl, but try searching up what you need as well as checking the DIY section (there is a 5spd swap guide there). With the age of these cars you can imagine pretty much everything has been discussed. And hopefully a 4cyl guru will chime in here.

The 6GA was not sold in Japan so the aftermarket support for it suffered, which meant the tuner scene suffered too. That may mean it takes a little more effort to have an awesome car, but it also means you have a car you don't see a ton of at every single meet you go to. You already got rid of the massive wheel gap which is good haha.

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