F23A4 to F23A engine swap


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Apr 20, 2020
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North Carolina
Hello, I'm looking to swap out my 2002 Accord ULEV engine for a normal VTEC 'jdm' engine. Looking for appropriate knowledge to possibly answer a couple of my questions.....please, and thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

If I get a 'jdm' 2.3L to replace my current engine, I believe I'll need a different ECM (could use help with a proper number to get one), a new upstream and downstrem o2 sensor and a different cat . Will everything else just 'plug and play' and bolt up? or will I need a different exhaust flex pipe and/or wiring harness and how much of the harness I need?

Reason for the swap: getting engine oil into coolant, 240,000 miles, uses a quart of oil every 800miles (and has since the day owned the car beginning 12yrs ago at 100,000miles), ULEV is just odd ball for finding parts on the east coast (I'm in NC, so emissions aren't an issue here). I don't think it makes sense to just do a head gasket with all the issues and if I plan to keep the car another 10 years.
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