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Apr 21, 2021
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I just bought a project car last weekend it’s a 2000 Honda Accord EX and I turned the key to the on position and the fuel was spraying out. Here’s a picture of the leak any ideas or steps on how to fix it??

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Jan 6, 2015
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Congrats on purchasing a 6th Gen Accord! These are wonderful cars with great contemporary lines and run forever with maintenance and Genuine Honda OEM parts. I posted my two cents itemizing things a new Accord owner should expect. Click here to give it a read when you have a chance.

Since 1) this is an over-two-decades-old car (meaning: you bought it cheap); and, 2) you consider it a "project car" (implying: you will do all the grunting and wrenching on the thing), then apply the equity you've accrued already and only use Genuine Honda OEM parts a/o quality aftermarket parts. And with that same mindset, stop and purchase the Honda Service Manual (HSM) for this car--you will NOT regret this. With all that said...

You need new supply/return fuel lines--duh. Fortunately, this is a straightforward bolt-on job, though admittedly the bit where you're on your back sucks. Understand that wholesale fuel line replacement will require a day of hands-on loving along the full length of your car, so plan accordingly. Unless you love bending tubing and flaring tube ends, purchase OEM lines from a Honda supply. Doing so should ensure that all the kinks and bends and flares and fittings are present and where they're 'sposed to be along the line. Sometimes, however, the lines arrive as straight tubes, so ask questions before purchasing! If you go he aftermarket route, purchase stainless steel tubing of the exact I.D. spec'd in the HSM, along with the necessary complement of compatible brass fittings and a couple braided (flexible) lines. As fer specialty tools, you'll need a tubing bender, a flare tool and a tubing cutter (You never cut braided lines--you purchase these things to required length.). With the HSM in hand, you will have zero difficulty knocking out this mildly tedious job.

Hopefully the rails are OK up front and the fuel pump and filter are OK in the back, 'cause the compulsory replacement of each/all of those widgets will get pricey real quick.

After you finish replacing both the supply/return fuel lines from stem to stern, you must prime the lines. Click here. then skip to the section called "ADVISORY 6: Priming the Fuel System".

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