FS: H22 and accord part


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Apr 22, 2009
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1. F22b2 Valve covers x3: $25 each
2. Alternator works good: $50
3. A/C compressor off a 94 accord works: $50 (SOLD)
4. power steering pump works: $30 (SOLD)
5. Stock F oil pans 3x: $10 each
6. F22B2 head x2 good condition: $100 each
7. f22b2 intake complete with injectors and rail x2: $50
8. Stock B2 Throttle bodies with sensors x3: $50 each(1 sold)
9. All kinds of a/c, alternator,power steering bracket: $15 each
10. Stock B2 exhaust manifold x2: $15
11. complete set of 15" 93 ex wheels tires are all bad: $100
12. Some steelies full size 15" x2 no tires: $25 each
13. Tower of power helix velocity throttle body spacer with bolts: $50(sold)
14. one 6thgen accord ex wheel I think bad tire great for a spare: $25
15. H23 intake manifold with fuel rail: $50
16. H22a1 intake manifold with fuel rail: $50(SOLD)
17. H22 exhaust manifol with heat shield no down pipe: $30(SOLD)
18. Sportline springs used: $100(SOLD)
19. KYB AGX shocks these are used still in good condition: $300 (SOLD)


20. F22B2 trans jdm has prolly 70k miles on it shifts perfect everytime. $300
21. f22-h22 stock flywheels x3 all in great condition: $30 each
22. H22 stock pressure plate good condition: $30
23. stock B2 cam with cam gear: $20 (SOLD)
24. stock h23 cams with cam gears: $40
25. Stock uca bushings bunch of them good condition: $5 each(SOLD)
26. Stock uca missing ball joint driver side: $5
27. stock manual tensionor setup with bolts and stuff x2: $50 each (both sold)
28. 5 speed trans mount: $25 (SOLD)
29. H22 valve cover green timing belt side is cut: $50

30. 97-01 prelude shifter assembly: $50(SOLD)
31. A/C compressor from 97-01 prelude with the lines to the compressor $100


32. Stock accord pass side headlight with bracket: $25
33. Stock 96 obd-2 F22b2 ecu 5 speed: $50
34. stock obd2 oil pump with balance shaft: $30 (SOLD)
35. Almost complete 96 prelude h22a1 wiring harness only missing vss plug and egr plug . Its unraveled: $50
36. f/h 5 speed starter used. works doesnt look great: $20
37. 94-95 accord front bumper certifit with a little bit of damage. Spray painted black. Comes with the turn signal or will seperate the signals. $40.00
38. external coil obd-2 f series distributor great condition: $60
39. oem 94-95 grill spray painted black: $20


40. H22A4 complete from throttle body to oil pan with exhaust,prelude wiring harness and some other stuff for the swap.Motor came from an auto so it has a flexplate on it.Has just about everything needed. Not all the parts that come with this motor is in the picture.Don't know the miles: $1000.00