Ideas on this misfire?

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    It's very hard to explain -- or even hear now as I just recently put my flowmaster 60 delta on. It was very easy to hear without the muffler.

    I had originally thought that it was in part of the alternator voltage regulator failing - which I assume is from a power steering leak that sprang up. All is good with that now and I put a desk alternator in.

    In the video I set my baseline as 2000 rpm and you can see how it'll drop then surge a few seconds later. During the video I didn't change my footing too much and it sorta feels like the throttle becomes non-existent then jerks back in much like an aged AT from this era.

    The power loss happens throughout nearly all rpm bands but mostly your standard town/city driving. Most of the time forcing a downshift with wot will work but you can feel a difference - sometimes I don't hear vtec hit. Definitely can't feel vtec if you romp it when losing power.

    Car has 266k
    12k miles ago (about 16 months) had a JDM F23a stuffed into it. Supposed to be 60-70k miles when I got it. Auto transmission original - has the 2nd clutch pressure switch issue but still it rather healthy condition.

    I've changed the alternator, resealed power steering pump, cleaned iat, replaced pcv valve, checked air filter and the cleaner/resonator chamber and plugs seem good. Coming up I am checking/changing distributor, and doing fuel pressure test soon. I'm hoping someone has seen a similar issue and can help me figure this out real soon.

    Thanks guys!

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