odometer lCD all gone


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Mar 24, 2010
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New York
Hi I was trying to replace the clock light bulb and yes I should have disconnected the negative battery cable but I didn't idiotly and as I was putting the light bulb in, noticed a spark. I'm guessing a fuse must have blown.

The odometer backlight works but all the LCD readings are gone. Anyone know if there is a fuse I tripped or something else?

Also just realized car will start but won't shift out of park!!

This is a 2000 accord lx v6 coupe. Thanks!

FIXED: Turned out to be fuse #9 Back up lights, meter lights. It was in the driver side fuse box. This actually happened to me a long time ago. Car is at 190,000 miles now. Also as soon as I replaced the 7.5 amp fuse, the CEL and SRS both came on and I had to reset and clear those. It has been a long time using a paper clip in the MES connector, LOL.

Also Ill just leave the clock backlight off. Not taking chances anymore. Just got a new aftermarket radio that shows the time in LED anyways.

Ill leave this post up in case it helps someone else.
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