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Oct 12, 2009
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los angeles
well the reason i hadnt posted was b/c 6thgen was down yesterday.
im going to post it in eye candy with a few questions that
dang... there is no beedizzle in there!! and fundillo with vette rims???

keychain and some other great 6thgen... :peek:

and my 6thgen :bash: ugh... LOL...

nice vid...

but that last burnout, will def. make us look bad...
they didnt send me any. i cant just take pics off there page cuz i wouldnt feel right taking other ppls pics without there consent.
it wont make us look bad. i just needed that last umph decided to do that
thanx for the compliment
Im not sure about the burnout at the end and you shoud of added keychains n fundillo cars. Kinda thought u forgot my piks till the middle of the video i was getin kinda nervious lol. Great job on the video tho it looks great and goes with the beat of the song :thumbsup:
nah i didnt forget, i mostly included everyone pics except like 3
you did a great job .. but im not a fan of the burnout at the end.. i did like mikes clip tho along with the placement
thanx :thumbsup:
btw, whose car was it the one driving and making all kind of sexy noise!!!

the whhheeeieiiiinnnnn whhheeiiiinnnnnnngggg noise...

who was it... sound tight!!!
Mikeymike who else would it be??? lol
no clips of the cruise?
nahh sorry bout that. they were mostly vids