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    0A930FA0-882F-41BB-A9C5-30EE60D3F81E.jpeg Hey guys, my ‘00 ex v6 coupe had one owner (Older guy who took care of it) off the lot for 18 years. Unfortunately, there was an owner between him and I who thought jerry-rigging everything was okay. I find new surprises everyday. Today I realized the wire for the high mount brake light (21 in pic) is routed to my spoiler brake light. I cannot find the wire for the spoiler brake light. Any advice?
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    "Today I realized the wire for the high mount brake light (21 in pic) is routed to my spoiler brake light."

    If your car came with a spoiler installed by the dealer this was done then by the dealer. My 98 came from the dealer with the optional spoiler and the high mount brake light box was still there but the wiring was diverted to the spoiler LED strip. Nothing unusual about this. Just trace the wire for the high mount you already found and it should be going to the spoiler on one side of the car or the other.

    I actually have a picture of the job the dealer would have done back in 98 when the car was bought new.


    If your wiring in the trunk looks like this its possible it was done by the dealer. It looks like the original harness has a new one connected in to it an reroutes back towards the left side of the car. There's even a part number on it but I can't make out more than a few numbers on it. It would then be attached to the trunk hinge and feed into the spoiler.
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