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Discussion in 'Product Review Forum' started by JMillerUA6, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Waltizer

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    Jun 22, 2012
    Brand & model: Function and Forms (F2s) Type 1 Coil overs.

    Price paid and from where: $564 from StreetRays on Ebay

    Pros: Height adjustable, you can pretty much tuck your tires inside your fenders. Not too stiff but stiffer than OEM (so you get an idea)

    Cons: For some reason the front seems more bouncy than the back. Where the back coil overs are stiff as hell. Don't know if they cant be adjusted just yet lol.

    Final verdict: Great pick up for someone who lives in a city where potholes mistreat tires as a pimp mistreat their b!tch (NYC)
  2. cjsaccord

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    Mar 20, 2011
    Brand & model: Koni Yellows shocks

    Price paid and from where: 260$ used off craigslist with sprint springs:boink:

    Pros: Damper adjustable and adjustable perches, signature bright yellow, good rebound on dips and pot holes, I never hit my control arms.

    Cons: The person I got them from managed to get the damper adjustability knob stuck to stiff, which isn't a bad thing if your slammed like I am, but if I ever wanted to raise it back up for whatever reason.. I would still have a stiff ride.

    Final verdict:
    I love them and I will keep them for as long as I own a CG.
    The koni yellows have a lifetime warranty and I understand why they offer it, Im slammed on the lowest perch and these things don't show any signs of ever going out anytime soon.
    I would recommend these to anyone if they can get them used or for half price, since the MSRP on them cost just as much as some decent coils would.
    The lowest I can get on these is 23front and 23.5rear and that's basically sitting on the bump stops. I just wish the rear perches would sit as low as the front perches to give the car a 23f and 23r drop, but they're not coils so I cant really complain lol.

    Brand & model: 4cyl Sprint Springs

    Price paid and from where: They came with the koni yellows for free

    Pros: They drop my car low.

    Cons: The person I got them from cut the front springs to get rid of the boat look plus im v6 on 4cyl springs so these springs ride like hell, every bump and dip is intensified and exaggerated
    I have been wanting to replace them with some v6 eibach sportlines springs but I just dont think I would be able to get this exact drop with them.
    Final verdict:
    They offer just about the drop that coils offer and handles corners like a champ, but they do not offer the ride comfort along with it. since these springs were cut by the previous owner and are for a 4cyl I have no clue on how they would have performed and dropped the car if they were brand new on a 4cyl.
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  3. Sil2DrV6

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    Oct 15, 2012
    Brand & Model: Tein Street Advance Coilover Kits
    Price Paid & From Where: $850.00+Shipping from Phantasmusa[.]com
    Pros: 16-way adjustable damping force. Very comfortable ride feeling at the softest setting (very close to stock ride feeling). No clinking or any kind of noise issues.
    Cons: Not EDFC compatible.
    Final Verdict: Very durable and reasonable product (a named JDM brand being less than $1000). It won't slam your car (leaving a thin finger gap at the lowest setting), but it's very neutral in a corner, and fun to drive as a daily.

    Brand & Model: Wicked Tuning Spec3 Rear Camber Arm Kit
    Price Paid & From Where: $79.99 + Shipping from Amazon[.]com (Promotoring)
    Pros: Great adjust range -2.00 ~ +4.00. Manufacture's specially formulated design and bushings make them look beefy & durable. No wearing damage after 1 year of usage so far. Choice of red, blue, or silver.
    Cons: Color being blue. (Wanted to get silver, but had no choice @ that time.)
    Final Verdict: I'd stick with them. Their bushings seem to be more durable than Ingalls.
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  4. accordftw

    accordftw Well-Known Member

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    Nov 13, 2012
    Rochester, NY
    Brand & model: Function and Form type 1

    Price paid and from where: 530$ from robear racing

    Pros: Much stiffer ride and the ability to go as low as you want is cool. The adjustable ride height is awesome.

    Cons: If you live somewhere with bad roads they could get pretty annoying because of the stiffness.

    Final verdict: Definitely well worth the money great design and well made coilovers.
  5. gt58

    gt58 Well-Known Member

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    May 27, 2012
    Huntington Beach, CA
    Brand & model: Eibach 23mm Rear Sway Bar

    Price paid and from where: $137.74 shipped from Vivid Racing. used coupon code "welcome"

    Pros: Take turns at much higher speeds and feel "planted"

    Cons: Better handling makes me wanna take turns really fast and I bet I'm going to go through tires much faster haha

    Final verdict: Honestly this was the best 140 I have ever spent. Seriously worth every penny. Skip the strut bars and all that. Do this first and I promise you will love it.
  6. 732xghost

    732xghost Well-Known Member

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    Jul 6, 2010
    South Amboy, New Jersey
    Tanabe Pro S-OC Coilovers
    Brand & model: 2002 Honda Accord EX-L 5spd
    Price paid and from where: $775 shipped (B2 Auto Designs)
    Pros: Price, Tanabe's reputation, the spring rates came 8-4K which were perfect for me
    Cons: I dont have any as of yet. The only con i can for see is if i decide on a set of 17" wheels that they may not go low enough. These coilovers aren't for those who want to look "slammed" or "broken"
    Final verdict: So far I am very happy with the appearence, quality, and ride height. I was very happy about the price. Tanabe's reputatino and the price made it a no brainer for me.
  7. puzzlemaster94

    puzzlemaster94 6GA Connoisseur

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    Jun 6, 2012
    Louisville Area
    Brand & model: Tein Super Street Coilovers

    Price paid and from where: $410 shipped, bought on here :hihi:

    Pros: Adjustable dampening, lower ride height, and more comfort in the ride

    Cons: You have to re-use your top hats, which involves the dangers that lie with spring compressors

    Final verdict: I love them, couldn't beat the price. Plus my stock suspension
    was blown, so they needed replacing
  8. CaliCG6

    CaliCG6 Well-Known Member

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    Dec 30, 2012
    Long beach, CA
    Brand and Model=Megan EZ Streets
    Price paid and Where from=$650 and from private vendor
    Pros:Love'm! Could slam frame to the ground and its really comfortable with dampening adjustment half way on city limits.
    Cons:None so far, so lets keep it that way.
    Final Verdict:Sitting @ a 2.25" drop nd have plenty of thread to go lower.stiff yet comfortable for the city roads. Loves thEZe coilovers!
  9. Siccsyde

    Siccsyde Well-Known Member

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    Nov 28, 2012
    Brand and Model=agx struts volgtland springs
    Price paid and Where from=200 for struts off here used 200 for springs off ebay new
    Pros:nice ride confortable on 2 front 5 rear and set at 2 front 6 rear all the time very different from stock setup
    Cons: none really
    Final Verdict:would recommend but not new probly have 30k on used struts 5k on springs

    Struts still holding strong and still has very noticible difference in dampening changes
  10. soccerchamp16

    soccerchamp16 Well-Known Member

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    Oct 11, 2012
    Frisco, Texas
    Brand & model: Function Form Type Ones
    Price paid and from where: Bought from a member on 6GA
    Pros:Stiffer, lower and all around a great coilover
    Cons: Bumpy roads tend to throw me around some now.
    Final verdict: Worth every penny!

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