Transmission cooler hoses


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Mar 24, 2010
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New York
So yesterday 9/16 I got all the parts I needed and put new rubber hoses for PS (including the metal cooler and the 3 relatively accessible ones) The rubber hoses were OEM but NOT the metal cooler bc the OEM is $99-150 so I got an aftermarket (~$14) from RockAuto but that aftermarket doesn't include the bracket but I was able to reuse the old bracket.

I also got the NEW Denso radiator ($75 from RA as opposed to >$300 for OEM) in but here is where the fun starts. I got all new clamps/clips from OEM honda and would have preferred to use OEM transmission oil cooler hoses but 1) the 3 rubber ones total $70 or more, and 2) I heard the expensive/longest one is on back order SO

I ordered a 11/32 ID one (Hayden) from RA and I believe the ID is too small. It was so freaking hard to get it on the pipe. I don't want to hear it. I'm pretty fit and I was sweating profusely trying to get it on and off. Yes I could have used lube but I seriously doubt the OEM is 11/32. So I went to 2 different Auto Parts store (not AAP nor AZ) and they had the gates 3/8 ID and I swear to you the ID looked EXACTLY like the hayden 11/32. I just don't get it. The gates even says Trans Oil Cooler and 3/8 on it haha. Does anybody know what the real ID for these hoses are for our gen?

I was suspicious too b/c the OEM hoses for the PS were EXACTLY the same size as the old ones that came off. Easy off and easy on. So in the end I ended up reusing the old hoses b/c they did look like they were in good shape with 4 new clamps (I left two of them alone)

I have a feeling the OEM trans hoses would have fit to the tee and aftermarket will be a little off. I'm not doubting the aftermarket would work but I was cursing and yelling at the 11/32 hose haha.

I also called my local honda for the OEM hoses just to compare and the parts guy was like we don't stock those b/c people don't usually replace those. Yeah >201k miles, we are a niche group I guess. I can't wait to see what's gonna need changing at 300k (hoping!)

Thanks for reading!