What you need to know about modding your 6GA


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Apr 20, 2007
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Arlington TX
1) I/H/E will not give you more power. It doesn't matter how much money you spend, the difference between AEM's V2 and an ebay with a Autozone filter is marginal at best. Our engines are designed for efficiency not power.

2) You can hit 250+ hp on a bone stock block with the right turbo set up.

3) You do not need a camber kit, get an alignment and get your toe zero'd out. Major tire wear comes from your toe, not your camber.

4) If you have a 4cyl auto you can swap the tranny for a 5 spd, if you have a 6cyl you can swap for a 6 spd.

5) There are technically 4 brands of coilovers, Function and Form and KSport are virtually identical, Tein, and Megan. If you want to know the differences or their capabilites check the product review thread.

6) If you want to know if your wheels will fit check the stickied thread.

7) You already have a C-Pillar Bar and it doesn't need reinforcement

8) If you don't want a raspy exhaust note keep your cat and add a resonator or two.

9) Headlight leaks are not always sealant related, keep the plastic elbows on the back, they work as evaporators.

10) 01-03 Acura CL-S/TL-S or 01-02 Acura MDX steering wheels are direct fit replacements.

11) Coupe and Sedan front bumpers are interchangeable but the fitment will not be perfect.

12) You can not remove the grill on a sedan, only on coupes.

13) You can swap from 4 to 5 lugs, search for the write-ups.

14) You can not swap oem 98-00 and 01-02 sedan tail lights.

15) If you are considering a mod it has been done, search, if you can't find a good answer expand your search options, if you are still out of luck post a thread and be nice. We don't mind helping you if you're nice. If you're a dick or cocky or arrogant you're going to get flamed.
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Mar 18, 2009
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umm, maybe. If you put an engine in the car thats not supposed to be in there nothings gonna be plug-in play.

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