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  • Word? thanks bro yeah ill probably text you next week . I want to find a shop that does it well and not too expensive
    yeah i want to go lower but not until i roll em. you know a spot that does it cheap ??
    I work in bridgewater doing security. but yeah just been mad busy. you put your suspension on yet ??
    what up yo she's finished. check out my ride thread. i just been mad busy cause of school and work
    Niceee . You set for the whole year . 2 sets of fresh nice rims . And yeah no doubt bro . Getting my car wensday . Im juan 7326887983
    Word those are niceee yo . What yu doin with the TLs ?? And Im in the process of doing the 5 lug swap and dropping mine . Should be done tommorow or tuesday for sure .
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