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  • about 2 or 3. but I see them like once every 6 months. probably mostly garage kept.
    but there's one black on black 350z I see all the time around town. I jizz every time.
    there's a few good 350z's and supras here done right, but they keep to themselves. lol
    The only local meet (an hour drive for me, if you call that local) has a stock 350z with a body kit, a new civic si on springs, a bugeye wrx on springs and rotas (the one I mention in your sig, haha) and my friend with the miata I posted a thread about here, his car is the only one worth a damn.
    idiots, everywhere. lol
    I absolutely hate the car scene where I live. I either drive a few hours for a car meet or just don't go at all. Alabama ftl.
    Just make sure your coilovers are even and if you really want to, try to see if a shop can correct your camber. But if you get an alignment, wait until you are satisfied with the ride height you are going to stay at.
    I would take off your coilovers and remeasure them. Mine were actually about 0.5 inch different so that helped out tremendously. If you plan on going lower, don't invest in a camber kit.
    Hey man. What all you wanna know? When I got my alignment, my front camber was off by about 1.5 in regards to the other side. All I can tell ya is get an alignment. If you aren't slammed you can get a front camber kit (they are expensive though) but if you are slammed it'll just make the ride worse honestly.
    u should know mp shop by portredin...or maybe ur girl might now...i do it there but idk for how much...i can talk to him nd let u know ...remind me or txt me at this number is a new number 732 372 5515
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