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    WTB: ECU - 98-02 ULEV 5sp 4cyl

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    Weird idle issues

    When switching out the O2 sensors, keep in mind that the primary O2 sensors are different between F23 engine types.
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    Weird idle issues

    would a primary O2 sensor that is going bad, but not bad enough to throw a code could cause this? wouldn't be the first thing I check, but seems like you've covered almost everything already. I had similar symptoms when mine went bad
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    I totalled my 01 ex sedan

    and accidents happen. whether it was a lapse or ****ty weather or both. doesn't matter. glad OP/everyone is ALRIGHT no need to try and call him out
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    I totalled my 01 ex sedan

    alright is definitely a word similar to "all ready" = already and "all together" = altogether
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    Mindbeats 99 clean and simple EX

    are you going to try and use the glossifier stuff when you plastidip? or sticking with the matte?
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    2001 ULEV conversion (exhaust swap)

    As a california transplant who came from wisconsin, you are a lucky SOB lol. CARB is ridiculous.... If you're going to turbo it, you will need a new ECU anyway, no? Why not wait until then. The ULEV F23A1 is 150 hp, the same as the other F23s so you aren't missing out. The major restrictions in...
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    FS: 1998 accord jdm NY

    super rare JDM! :nono:
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    Lets say thanks

    diggin the new sig my dude
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    What amp for stock speakers?

    I wish I had the luck with RF subs. I went through 3 pairs that blew on me (properly powered and everything) before switching over to the Kicker Comps
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    Help with vtec delete
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    Rare Clear Coupe Tail Lights? (56k)

    lovin those wheels. Fitment is just right too