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  • damn alright thanks, and one more thing is it safe to lower my car without after market shocks and struts? Because I know some people do that, but it seems kind of unsafe
    hey man nice ride i really like the the grill where you took it out and replaced it with the mesh and another grill insert. I was just wondering where you got it because I looked it up online and all the grill inserts I find are only for two doors but none for four doors
    heh, nothin really. was just looking at your ride thread, and other red 6thgens. trying to get ideas.
    was just reading through the exhaust review sticky and saw you posted about your you like it? im buying a dual axle back for my v6 off of someone on here..just wanted your input as to how you like it...much appreciated
    so that would explain what ever is at the end of it...looked like something was their any gain in hp...probably just a little if any right??
    hey was checking out your f/s thread and notice you dont have a filter on your short ram why?? im a noob on this so if you wanna explain plz do if not can you provide a link so i can read up on this just interested on why you did that ......if your filter just happen to be off when you took the pic then disregard this
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