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    NGK ignition upgrade gains?

    NGK *V OR *G Power. Anything else is really just a waste of $$
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    Won't start

    So...what does it do now? Crank but not turn over? Is there spark, fuel, etc? Need a little more information.
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    K24 Swap

    I actually have a new accord 1.5T and J35Y6 sitting here at work we assembled from spare parts of engine jobs. Just need timing components and fueling to drop into something.
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    K24 Swap

    New (er) technology for the last 20yrs. Same as the old debate of 350/383 sbc vs 4.8/5.3/6.0 LS engine.
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    F20b swap + F23a Tranny = ???

    You're asking questions on 10+yr old threads that have long since been either... 1) Forgotten about 2) Never finished/figured out 3) No longer have the vehicles Long story short, stop trying to make an H22 auto trans work in your car. It's not worth the hassle, time, effort, etc. Find a...
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    compatible transmissions ????'s

    How what? Do they fit? H/F trans are interchangeable. Getting them to work (the auto's) is a whole 'nother issue.
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    MCJA automatic transmission

    Yea just leave it a 5spd. You're just creating more work trying to convert it to auto
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    Rear caliper rebuild kit

    Pinched seal, broke seal, material, corrosion, take your pick. Could be anything. Honestly, the aftermarket kits are just fine. No need to go OE on them. We use aftermarket kits all the time at work.
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    Where can I find chrome door trim?

    You can still get them new from the dealer but they're around $125/ea
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    Honda Vintage F1 Clothing

    For any of you out there into nearly 40yr old (aka myself & Roy) Honda racing apparel. Honda Vintage Culture 20% off Code - HONDAVCD
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    What is this call and how do I remove it?

    Believe it just pulls out from behind the console if my memory is right. Might be a screw on a tab holding it down.
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    Want rim suggestions(feel free to share ur rims, looking for black or white rims)

    Those are factory fenders with side markers added in. You can find foglight kits on ebay or other places online. Check the members ride section for ideas
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    Slips in 4th and reverse when warm, 2001 V6 4 Door

    Switch to the Honda ATF for one. You would need some sort of diag tool to hook up and read/see what the trans is actually doing.
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    You know you drive a 6th gen Accord when....