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    HID buzzing sound

    Thanks for the info. I just wanted to make sure my car wasn't going to burst into flames. I think I'm going to go ahead with the retrofit next weekend.
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    HID buzzing sound

    I just got may HID kit in the mail from DDM tuning. I hooked them up to make sure they work before I do my retrofit. I found that when I tested them without the relay harness everything is all good. When I test it out with the relay harness I get a buzzing sound. It's not loud and it only...
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    why are so many mechanics so bad?

    not sure what college you went to but thay sucks. The college I went to has an ethics class built in the automotive program that you have to take. As for I work at a dealership (not a honda one) but we have to do a "muti point inspection" on any car that comes in. I know most dealerships do...
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    7th gen door sills.

    I ran seen a set of illuminated door sills on ebay for the 7th gen 4door acord. I was ondering if I could get them to fit on the 6th gen sedan. I don't know of anybody with a 7th gen accord so I'm not able to have access to one to see or messure the diffrence. Thanks for any help.
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    Proline wheels?

    as a former employee of pep boys. I wouldn't get the proline brand. We had alot of customers come back becasue paint/chrome was pealling within a few months. I tried to find out who made the proline brand for pepboys but couldn't find anything. I would stay away from proline. (nothing...
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    nice another one from the glove. I'm from Mich too. I'm in south west migh.

    nice another one from the glove. I'm from Mich too. I'm in south west migh.
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    looked at in and hung may head becasue the paint on the trunk and spoiler is scrached up. :( I can't wait to save enough money to paint my car.
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    A Lil Shoot With friend

    nice tasty shots. love the second one.
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    UPDATE!!! my 00 coupe accord/prelude rear conversion..

    Re: my 00 coupe accord/prelude rear conversion.. I like the conversion. Not a big fan of body kits though. I do think the rear bumper looks too big. If there was somthing that fit back there withough looking big that would be very nice IMO.
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    Stupid Ricers!!

    No wonder why everybody thinks that anybody who drive a honda is dumb. Becasue of people like him.
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    Interior Overhaul.....

    The interior blows me away. I'm going to have to use this page as a refrence when I get around to doing my int. this spring (I want all black).
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    Do you agree with this statement about Acura

    I really hope that Honda can turn Acura around and it would be nice if thay started getting back in tough with the younger crowd but slaping some tech and an A on a civic is not the way to do it ( any body remember the Cadilac Cimarron). I think Acura should use the TSX to try to reach the...
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    Outtake shot of my Accord from my last shoot [onepic]

    when ever I look at my accord I think "Damn I love the way it looks" then I see pics of other members accord ant think "Damn I got a long way to go to catch up" LOL. Nice shot of a damn nice accord.
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