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  • ahh that is so beat. Hopefully nothing will look noticeably bad. I also hope you decide to stick with it till the end of college like you planned!
    this is the longest 30 days of my life if that makes you feel any better and i'm still broke as sheeeet.
    Thank you. I try my best when I sell a fellow 6ga family member parts to clean, package, and ship them promptly and in the best way I can.
    oh and thanks bro!!
    i totally just missed your bday! so happy belated birfday from like a week and a half ago
    it kinda just depends on how/where you drive
    and of course the mileage on the shocks..if you take it easy, you could get away with it for a while. start saving for shocks!!
    daww i was hoping you wouldn't see me haha
    yea get up on those shocks..when did you get a JDM badge?
    it looks sick
    thanks on the drop. i think i'm boating a little bit though
    win!! lol
    hit me up if when you're gonna do your suspension
    i'll be more than happy to help
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