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  • I have an auto j32 for now, looking and putting a few dollars on the side for the 6 speed.
    Yes just like Cleanswap he had to extend it to the drivers side of the ECU,... I forgot the manual ECU has a smaller plug.The Extra clip I'am talking about is bigger on the auto. Sorry I don't have an extra clip for the manual ECU. As far as the chip just Google it you will see what I mean. But try to program it its safer and better than running an ECU with no chip.

    Gotcha ya,....from what I know n herd, the cl-s dash wiring clip that plugs into the ecu, has more pins then the accord dash wiring clip, n there for I would have to chop the accord wiring clip off n rewire a cl-s clip onto it so that I can plug it into the cl-s ecu, exactly like what mr. Cleanswap's 03 cl-s engine & 6speed swap did, it shows exactly what he did in the pics, but I I can get a hold of him, to ask a couple of questions,.....what kinda of a swap did u exactly do?
    The ecu chip removal is the only way. Get it programmed its better. Removing the ignition immo does not help. Thats just a reciever that sends it to the ecu. As far as a clip A I think it fits might need to rewire a few pins....there is a clip on the drivers side I have one if u need it
    Ohhh, ok I got u now, but would I b able to just remove the immo reciver in the or on the ignition, or the only way around that is to remove it from the ecu like u did?,....n I got a cl-s ecu, with cl-s enigine wiring harness n I'm gonna have to buy the clip that plugs in to the cl-s ecu cuz obviously the accord dash wiring harness clip won't fit the cl-s ecu
    No I think you misunderstood me. The only reason I bought a new ECU was because I took off the immo chip inside the ECU. The soldering points are small, so I didn't want to try soldering it. So I bought a new ECU with the chip still inside. That has nothing to do with the ignition immo receiver.
    Are you going to get a swap done with your accord ecu? That's only possible with the Richie harness I believe.
    I c, I'm not too familiar with these accords, I mean I've had to civic si's, n those things r easy to work on, these accords have a lot of electrical on them, n I don't "F" something up, **** can get expensive for these cars haha, so if I were to take the immobalizer off from where it is, (on the ignition) if I'm not mistaken, I can start the car right up, but it will throw an CEL, but I won't screw up my ecu up, correct?
    Nothing went wrong. My first ECU I took of the immobilizer, I wanted to try out the engine I was impatient lol. I didn't want to solder it back on (Its small pins, my soldering skills on a small board aren't up to par) so i got a new ECU. The ECU I took of the Immo works fine, you will throw a code without the Immo. In my state I wont Pass Inspection
    N u also said u had to get a new ecu, what happened to ur old cl-s ecu, did something go wrong with it?
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