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  • The only thing that I do not have to go with it is the parking brake cables and the lower link that the parking brake mounts to (it is different from drum to disc). It will fit on your SE, I had it on my LX sedan. The parking brake cables can be purchased through the TAS website or your local dealership.

    There are a few posts on here and I can help you with nearly any questions. It's mainly a remove and replace. There isn't anything hard to it. Pull the console to get to the parking brake cables, unbolt the knuckles and brake lines and replace.
    so you have everything i'll need for my brake conversion? and i need to KNOW it'll fit on my 02 honda accord SE... (sedan)..

    also, you know of any good guides (online/book) that can help me do this myself?
    Hey so how much for this brake conversion kit? Keep in mind i'm in edmonton alberta... shipping's gonna be a slut.
    My fiance works at 5th/3rd bank and they have a branch at walker springs, so it's a good chance that it was mine!! We should meet up sometime to check out each other's ride!!
    I live about an exit down from u off of kingston pike. I saw a car that looked just like yours near walker springs were u around that area today?
    I live off of lovell near middlebrook. I moved up here in January and I work in Spring City so I don't get many chances to get out. I'll be here a while. Do you live in Knoxville?
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