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  • Thanks for the Megan EZ Street review. I've been waiting for someone to get these and give their thoughts on them. I appreciate it. I plan to replace my Tein SS coilovers sometime in the near future so this helps. Keep me updated when you put some more miles on them!

    - Davis
    like i said before ....i only have the rear hubs you still need the brake lines the calipers and im not sure what else ....and i cant imagine why you would need a welder .....and no i dont knw any good guides thats why i havent switch my car to rear disc....by the way where or who said that i was selling this ?? i never posted about having a brake conversion ...i know i post one time that i had the hubs
    hey my postal code in edmonton alberta is t5a4s2 if you could check that out for me and give me a broken down price, that'd be sa-weet.
    I've got it priced for 150 plus shipping. Each knuckle is about 40 lbs. and my zip is 37921 if you would like to calculate it or I can do it if you give me your zip.
    send me the link in where you found out im selling this bcuz i got a pm for the samething from someone else and i sure dont remember saying i had the kit i have the hubs only you still need more parts as far as i know hubs are for $50 not sure on the shipping tho
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