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  • Are you in ocean city?, if you are look for me ill most like be in a loud as **** e90 m3
    Do you think if i went with a 2" drop on my accord with 50 series or perhaps 45's would my car be pretty low. Also would i have too much fender gap with this plan? How is your exhaust done? I like the style of how your pipe is coming from under your car right about where mine split into the dual exhaust. I was thinking of running a thrush mini turbo muffler where the pre muffler is now because it's a compact muffler for that space and then run 2 1/4 out angled out just as your set up.
    Hey can you send me pictures of your blast pipes? I wanna see how they look from the back...also have any videos?
    How much for the wheels without the tires? I was looking at getting some rims next month. But not if its going to be too costly.
    Love your car bro if you decide to sell your wheels pls let me know I have the same whip or even your suspension set up..
    Sweeeet, I'm thinking about doing that on my new car. I don't have it yet, but I'm already making plans for it. haha

    I'll probably be texting you when I'm installing it, haha.
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