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  • Thank you, i went looken for pics of yours, couldnt find any... well all i've seen is the one of your backend in that exhaust thread you posted in a few times... other than that, i got a few more pics i wanna upload... gunna search for a way to post either links, or the IMG links so you guys can injoy larger pics :thumbup:
    let me know when another meet is coming soon so i can plan for it, perhaps you'd like to meet up for a photoshoot in the future???
    woot, im reppin the community with Red 6GA stickers and a new oem front lip!! and a rear coming in the next couple weeks!
    gah, we hade one here???
    i was probably busy working, being 18 its hard to make time for things like that, and i just got my license back haha, also my car would have been an embaressment, no mods, 100% oem... but that will change over the next year hopefully ;)
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