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  • Ahah i live on lone oak next to i be up and down barker everday ahah...and thanks yours accord is looking good too..and thats your daily? Dang that thing is lower than mine and im having trouble with mine you even drive yours...but eh bro theres an accord meet coming up next sunday if you want to come out...
    lolz really? noon or evening? ahah and you still have the accord or you driving something else?
    hey bro i think i saw you driving on i-10. i was drooling in my car lol. i think you saw me i drive a slammed 4dr dep with stock rims 3 or 4 weeks ago
    Hey man. I found ur page and just wanted to know where you found your fog lights. Also where did you find your grill and your front lip?
    hey i was lookin at ur pics and was wondering wat rim fitment u had becus ive ben wanting to slam it on 18s i wav 17s rite now an im not that happy whith em
    ay man i haven't dropped my car yet cuz i wanna sell it n get an 01 or 02 sedan of our car n i dont wanna drop it n sell it w/ my suspension but i hope to get my new car sometime nxt month tho
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