1. R

    Very Specific Manual Swap Question

    Hi there, I'm sorry to post yet another 5 speed swap question but I've been looking for hours and can't find a specific answer to my situation. I have two Accords, a 1998 LX 4AT and a 1998 EX 5MT (both F23A1 engine). I want to manual swap the LX. The plan is to swap the ECU and associated...
  2. rezwerd

    New in Wisconsin

    I've been dipping my toes in the forum for a bit now, so I figured I'd better introduce myself. Hello, my name is Drew and I live in WI. I work in IT but in my spare time I like to wrench on my cars. Until this January I had been driving a 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis which was both a pleasure...
  3. A

    auto to manual + obd2b>0bd1 swap help? 2001 accord f23a1

    My auto trans shit the bed so I had replaced it with a f22b2 5 speed trans from my sister's parts car lol. So this is my daily driver right now but it only tacks at 5000 and its in limp mode with no vtec, or speedometer. I am looking to fix these issues but I need a little help here. I am...