6th Gen FAQ (Read Before Posting)

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Dec 27, 2005
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FYI: Ordering ignition parts

The F23A1/4 engines require the Hitachi distributor cap and rotor system. The cap has flat sides. If they give you a cap with a round side on it...it's WRONG. That cap with rounded sides is for the non-VTEC F23A5.

The correct rotor for the F23A1/4 is more oval shaped, while the A5 piece is round like a circle. You can't switch them. The distributor and rotor have a "D" shape where the rotor slides onto the distributor. The A1/4's "D" is 180 degrees opposite from the A5.

Reason I say this...some parts stores will ask you "VTEC or non-VTEC?" and then give you the wrong part. Twice have I gotten non-VTEC parts for my F23A1...cap/rotor and accessory belts. Check the parts out before you leave the store to save hassles later :)