9th Gen Shoot


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Aug 22, 2014
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nice shots. the last group of photos are my favorites. photos dont seem that dark to me but it would help some "pop" if they had brighter highlights. Doing some research on the histogram will help keep your photos from being underexposed.

regarding the green tint... research the white balance dropper tool. You can select that tool then click on the car since its a pure white and it'll make the car white so then you'll know the white balance tint is perfect. Then you can move the temperature slider to the warmer side so you can still catch the effect of the sunset

Thanks Knox! This is exactly the kind of help i need haha. I havent really mess with lightroom when it comes to selecting certain part of the image. I would usually adjust the image as a whole. As you can tell, im still a noob, when it comes to highlighting and exposures. Im really learning as i go but thanks for the tips. Well appreciated!