DIY spray painting rims

Dave Accord

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Apr 30, 2020
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Bellevue, Washington
The previous owner of my Honda really beat up the two wheel covers on the right side with curb rash. It looks terrible. One cover has a little red paint because the owner was probably trying to park in a no parking fire/red zone. Here's what I plan on doing:

1. remove one wheel cover and fully refinish it then install it on another wheel. I'll do one wheel at a time so I won't need jack stands.
2. Wash wheel cover. Let dry.
3. I don't have a sander. I plan to sand by hand using 40 grit sandpaper for the deep gouges and then I plan to buy sandpaper, possibly 400 grit. (600 is possible?). Then wash wheel cover and let dry overnight. Is sanding by hand feasible?
4. spray several light coats of Rustoleum Universal Metallic, Titanium Silver. I might consider the same brand, but Satin Nickel. Any opinions?
5. 3 days later, spray several light coats of Rustoleum clear coat.
6. 3 days later, apply Malm's Concentrated Carnauba Wax or Meguiar's Deep Crystal Carnauba Wax (liquid). I already have these.
7. remove another wheel cover and then bolt on the just refinished wheel cover.

This process might take 6 weeks, minimum of 32 days. This means that I will be driving with one wheel cover missing for about 6 weeks. People may think "who's that idiot with no pride in his car driving like that?" :bash: