Factory optional 1din lower storage part reference ?


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Sep 1, 2006
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East Bay, CA
I seem them on Ebay from time to time. Because they are rare, they typically are in the 100-150 range in OK to good condition. I don't have the part number but I hope to come up on cheap one to add an EQ, as I am a musician and work with a mixing console all day.

Sorry I don't have a part number but my thoughts are to take a single din casing from a stereo HU, and just fiberglass it. The original non DIN piece is cheap. Just use panty hose or similar to get the shape and add fiberglass to for structure. I believe you can find paint that matches on Honda-Tech, I know you used to, but much of it won't be seen so you don't have to to texture it to other parts, but I typically wrap in vinyl with similar texture then dye it. If you want the OEM, expect to pay and it's rare, but you can emulate it pretty easily and it likely will look better. If i do mine, I will document it.