Idle going really low after giving it gaz


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Nov 16, 2007
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Well cold seems to be around 1200 (need to confirm with digital tach), its not like stock when it runs 1500-1700 for a few minutes until engine warms up.., it will gradually go down to around 900-1000rpm until warm.

I did check for vacuum leaks with starter fluid (spray); nothing. Alt seems to be supplying steadily 14.25v, when car is warm if I do turn the lights on, blower motor on, idle will drop even more and worsen situation after releasing throttle. I made a quick video , sorry its in French but to recap;

Throttle body idle screw opened 3/4-1 turn compared to originally, initially running with no acc. On except parking lights, then blower motor at 3, and at last I rev it around 3k rpm, release throttle and quickly stab it about 1/2 and you see it bogs down for a sec (never had this kind of issue before)

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