My next daily and my CG news


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Oct 15, 2016
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So I went to the Honda dealer that I serviced the CG and will be servicing dad's MDX at, and just felt that I go more towards the Odyssey, Accord 6MT 2.0T and the Civic Si. Looked at the CRV falls into the same CUV category that I am trying to get out of, the HRV is just too small and slow, the Pilot is family orientated and Honda made the front look depressing and ugly IMO, and the Passport isn't my flavor at all.

Sad to see another Accord leave this forum from around the time I used to be active on here :( As a fellow student, good luck with school and hopefully you find a car you enjoy!

It was hard for me and my mom to let our CG go since it was the closest vehicle I had from childhood (the Odyssey was the only other one that had my childhood memories in) and was the first vehicle for everything for my family (me and my mom learned how to drive in that car, was there on my first day and last day of grade school, was there for me when my entire family was overseas this past summer and I was alone in the country & it came to Miami with me during those three weeks). So I had the salesperson (who happened to work at an Acura dealer before) take a family picture of us with the CG, my current daily, and my moms new car.

School on the other hand, its going well. Right now, I am classified as a sophomore in credits, and by the end of fall, I should be classified as a Junior in Credits.