So I might be trading Frankenstein, thoughts?


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Aug 21, 2016
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Don’t get me wrong, I still race but I want to start auto crossing and heading to tracks with the cg. I know what is was designed for but I’m going to use it for what I want. A daily that won’t be pushed around by everything on the road with more cylinders lol. And as for the engine comments p!ss off lol. Those last engines just couldn’t handle the demand :lawl: I like the f20b. It’s been a dream so far. Looking forward to building a reliable turbo setup. I won’t be hasty on this one and take the time to do it right. I know we frown upon it on the forum but we all do it. I won’t be pushed around by other cars anymore lol. If you want to tailgate and fly around me to feel cool I’ll just have to let you down easy and you’ll keep staring at my tail lights, no matter what lane you’re in :lawl: unless you have anything that has over 350 to the wheels, at which point I can’t stop you lol. Which is pretty much every modern car now so I might as well get started in that turbo :lawl: but hey at least I get great gas mileage. And no I don’t let it get below a quarter of a tank. My experience tells me it’s bad for the pump to let it run that low for cooling purposes. I always fill up after a quarter.
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