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  1. pyaarawala

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    Jul 1, 2007
    long island, NY
    Brand & model:Omni Power Sport Version (12kf/10kr)

    Price paid and from where: 465 shipped used 6GA F/S thread (discontinued)

    1. 0-4inch height adjustability
    2. Spring rate/shock travel distance is not changed when ride height is adjusted
    3. Large shock body -> recovers quick from road's imperfection.
    4. Easy ride height adjustability, uses a small black wrench-like thing and just turn clockwise/counter-clockwise
    5. Top mount included, very thick/strong as well. Install is cake since it's all assembled. Bolts right in.
    6. GREAT price for GREAT QUALITY (best bang for the buck)

    1. No dampening adjustability
    2. Can be pretty stiff so definitely be ready to feel every bump in the road.
    3. Requires "break-in", and it sags while breaking-in (but thats same with most of aftermarket springs/coilovers out there)

    Final verdict: It's definitely a great coilover setup for a DD, but I would go with Omnipower Street version on a daily driver. Only reason I got the Sport version is because I got it for an amazing price. And the omnipower coilovers are discontinued so both street and sport are hard to find.

    Below is a pic of how my car sits right now on the coilovers, approx 3" drop all around.

    Front Shot:


    Side Shot:

  2. Wildman

    Wildman Read the rules

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    Sep 5, 2005
    Alexandria, VA
    Brand & model: Tein Super Street Coilovers
    Price paid and from where: $800, vendor on another forum years ago
    Pros: Ability to adjust dampening definitely came in handy, ditto for height
    Cons: Nowadays the design is outdated, a bit on the higher end for $
    Final verdict: I don't regret buying them at the time when there were fewer choices, but I wouldn't buy them again either. Being able to choose how soft/firm the ride is has been really nice, and let me find my own personal balance between comfort & ability to cruise through turns. The springs bind if you try and lower the car too much and that noise gets really annoying. If I was in the market now I'd give a long look at AMR and similiar setups
  3. Raymond

    Raymond Well-Known Member

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    Feb 25, 2008
    Miami, FL
    Brand & model: Tein S-tech lowering springs
    Price paid and from where: $260 shipped used (with the Tokico's) on V6P
    Pros: Great drop (2"), exactly what I was looking for, stiffer ride than factory but not so harsh that it throws you around either - perfect IMO
    Cons: None
    Final verdict: 100% happy

    Brand & model: Tokico HP "Blue" shocks and struts
    Price paid and from where: $260 shipped (in package mentioned above)
    Pros: Had these on my last Mustang and loved the ride quality, knew they'd be the same on the Accord. Nothing but good things to say.
    Cons: None
    Final verdict: 100% happy

    Brand & model: Generic upper front strut tower brace
    Price paid and from where: $13 shipped from EAutoTuning on eBay
    Pros: It was cheap, looks great under the hood, definitley noticed a difference in turning/steering response for the better.
    Cons: Had to remove the OEM braces that connect the firewall to the strut towers. Not sure if that made a difference or not but I would have preferred if the bar had fit with them in place. No big deal, but some people have complained about this.
    Final verdict: No complaints here, nothing OMG impressive, but for $13 it's worth it IMO

  4. GreddyAccord99

    GreddyAccord99 Well-Known Member

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    Feb 1, 2006
    Boca Raton, FL
    Brand & model: Tein S-Techs (w/ Stock V6 Shocks)
    Price paid and from where: Purchased as a package when I bought my wheels from a friend. (springs and wheels = $800)
    Pros: Pretty stiff for just springs, nice lowering height
    Cons: Not good to have with stock shocks
    Final verdict:I would recommend them. Tein is excellent quality. I went for about a year or two with this setup and no problems (except for rubbing).

    Brand & model: Tein Super Street Coilovers
    Price paid and from where: $1280 from a shop called SpeedClinic
    Pros: Awesome adjustability for height and damper, stiff damper feels like stock, rides nicely
    Cons: none so far
    Final verdict: Definately worth the money. Best investment for suspension that I have done for my car.
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  5. nyknick1015

    nyknick1015 Well-Known Member

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    Nov 28, 2007
    Brand & model: Eibach Sportlines On GR2
    Price paid and from where: Free from a friend who had them sitting in his garage after he sold his accord for a supra
    Pros: Pretty damn close to OEM feel. The ride is great for 2inches. Not too low but not too high. Makes any car look great on a drop.
    Final verdict:Sportlines is the best out there at the moment hands down for springs. The ride is great as well as the handleing. It gives you a close to OEM feel so you dont have to sacrafice much when dropping.
  6. Mojeans69

    Mojeans69 Well-Known Member

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    Apr 23, 2006
    Tha Bean
    Brand & model:Dropzone Coilover Suspension
    Price paid and from where:$350 Ebay
    Pros:good for 2 weeks
    Cons:cheap, sucks after 2 weeks horrible after 1 winter. Spring broke into 3 peices. strut perch broke
    Final verdict:I wouldnt even recommend these to Osama..

    Brand & model:Tein Basic
    Price paid and from where:$700 local shop here in Boston
    Pros:Easy height adjustability, smooth soft ride
    Cons:A bit pricey, soft ride no damper adjustability
    Final verdict:Great starter suspension, I love these compared to my 1st suspension wish I could adjust the damper...I would definately recommend these to anyone. Some people dont like the soft ride, but I like the soft ride and not feeling every road imperfection. There are a lot of them here in Boston.
  7. lwlba

    lwlba Well-Known Member

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    Mar 16, 2007
    Brand & model: Ksport pro damper full coils
    Price paid and from where: $750, local shop forgot the name
    Pros: Height adjustment, one of the lowest that i've seen. damper adjustment
    Cons: a bit on the stiff side
    Final verdict: definitely good buy. i'd recommend it to anyone
  8. TheHunter

    TheHunter Well-Known Member

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    Jan 19, 2008
    SoCal, Fullerton
    Brand & model:Tein Basic
    Price paid and from where:$550 used from a F/S thread here.
    Pros:Very nice ride, almost like stock. WAY decreased body roll. Thank god.
    Cons:No damper adjustability.
    Final verdict:Nice suspension, the ride is great, my car looks sexy, and it was easy to install (I mean... I had help from the Socal ninjas, but I think I could do it now.)
  9. A-cord

    A-cord Well-Known Member

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    Apr 16, 2007
    Philadelphia ==> St.Pete/Tampa
    Brand & model: Tokico Illuminas w/ RS*R springs
    Price paid and from where: $220 used from V6p member
    Pros: reduced body roll, great performance, dampening adjustability, decent 2'' drop
    cons: a bit too soft, no height adjustability
    Final verdict: definately a good setup for beginners. moderate drop with decent performance.

    Brand & model: Koni Yellow Struts w/ Ground Control Coilover Sleeves
    Price paid and from where: paid approx $500 used from member on v6p
    Pros: Ultimate performace around corners. Body roll is near nonexistent. Height and Dampening adjustability of one piece coilovers. Lifetime warranty on the Koni Struts.
    Cons: You'll hear slight knocking and clanking since it's not a one piece coilover set up.
    Final verdict: Awesome ride, Awesome performance. You can't go wrong with this setup, it's not too stiff, not too soft. Perfect for some spirited driving off highway exits. It's a little pricey for a two piece setup but Koni assures the quality by backing it up with a lifetime warranty. I would fully recommend this setup.
  10. Sakuradrops808B

    Sakuradrops808B Well-Known Member

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    Mar 21, 2007
    Waikiki, Hawaii


    Brand & model: Air Runner Integrated Air Suspension
    Price paid and from where: MSRP$3,999 USD plus dont forget some more customization and install expenses.
    Pros: The best air bag suspension made by a Japanese company to date. Ride quality and comfort is same if not better as stock. Convenience for lowering and raising your car's height. Bolt-on for our Accords. Adjustable damping KYB struts are included. Maintaince but its that bad. Engineered to be the same as the factory Lexus Air Suspensions Systems. Not a Mexican Lowrider-hopping system. They have been in the industry for quite a while in Japan and they also have a Research and Development facility to test their product for quality and reliability :)
    Cons: Pricey. Performance is not for race and track so dont expect that you can drift with them. Additional accessories are also expensive.
    Final verdict: Best Air Suspension ever as experienced by myself. If you want it and you have the money then go for it.
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