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Discussion in 'Product Review Forum' started by JMillerUA6, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Accord4U2NV

    Accord4U2NV Well-Known Member

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    Jul 26, 2008
    Six 1 Nine, Derty Waffle
    Brand & model: Suspension Techniques Rear Sway Bar 19mm
    Price paid and from where: $140 Pannauto
    Pros: Easy install, 2 Settings, 1 street, 1 race
    Cons: Bright Green
    Final verdict: Love it, reduced understeer alot
  2. swollen_cu

    swollen_cu Well-Known Member

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    Jun 18, 2008
    New Orleans
    Brand & model: F2 Type 1 (12k F/ 6k R)
    Price paid and from where: $600 shipped on H-T Brand New
    Pros: Easy Install, fronts are really easy to adjust, rides real nice (not too stiff and not too soft), and can slam around 4 inches without messing with the spring load.
    Cons: rear can be tedious to adjust, no dampening adjustability
    Final verdict: Love it!
  3. 98ExAccordwv

    98ExAccordwv I'm Old

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    Mar 6, 2008
    Brand & Model: K-Sport GT Lowering Springs / Tokico HP's
    Price paid and from where: $120 from Acc2deff / JDMWerks on EBay
    Pros: Rides smooth, gives a decent drop for the money
    Cons: No adjustability
    Final Verdict: I love it.
  4. pattywak

    pattywak Well-Known Member

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    Jul 31, 2006
    Brand & model: Tokico HP Blues
    Price paid and from where: $120 Used from a member here on 6ga
    Pros: Great price, even brand new, can handle a good amount of drop
    Cons: Very soft
    Final verdict: Great struts for someone looking for a mild drop and a ride of OEM quality. Not for someone looking for a very performance-oriented ride.

    Brand & model: Tein S-Tech lowering springs
    Price paid and from where: $200 from ebay
    Pros: Good drop, handing benefits from the lower center of gravity.
    Cons: Does not fill in the wheel gap, a very soft ride common with Tein products
    Final verdict: Great for someone looking for a mild drop. Not for someone who wants no-finger wheel gap or for a stiffer ride.

    Brand & model: Ground Control Coilover Sleeves
    Price paid and from where: $420 from Ground Control's website
    Pros: Height adjustable, can go lower than lowering springs, advertised 0-4 inch drop, higher spring rate than the S-Techs
    Cons: Give a boat look when sun all the way down with Tokico Blues
    Final verdict: Great for those looking for a little more performance out of their suspension setup. I purchased these looking to get slammed, but when I spun them down all the way in the front I still had about a finger gap left, which is very disappointing. The rears had a finger-width left to spool down, and they are at 0 finger gap or a little less.
  5. champaned_out

    champaned_out Well-Known Member

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    Nov 20, 2005
    Brand & Model: Apexi' World Series Coilovers
    Price: Bought used for $450
    Pros: Dramatic increase in handling from stock suspension. Able to take those 25mph freeway on ramps at 55mph+ easy... Ride quality is very smooth yet very sporty
    Cons: No damper adjustibility, Discontinued
    Final Verdict: If your in need of a quality set of coilovers for DD, then Apexi WS is something you should most def. consider

    Brand & Model: OEM 04 TL Rear Sway Bar

    Price: Bought the 04 rear sway, 2 bushings, 2 brackets, 4 bolts all for under $60 shipped
    Pros: Very noticeable improvement in hard corning speeds, price is very cheap
    Cons: Nothing i can think of, except if your car has seen a few winters, you may need new endlinks, which will bring up the cost of this mod to over $100
    Final Verdict: Dollar for Dollar, this is THE most effective/cheapest suspension mod you can do for your 6th gen
  6. YoungxNutkase

    YoungxNutkase Well-Known Member

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    Oct 17, 2007
    Westside of Lynn, Mass
    Brand & model: Tein Basics Coilovers
    Price paid and from where: $600 brand new from NY craigslist, Im from Mass and I always search Craiglist from every state seeing if people wanna ship on deals!!
    Pros: Ride like stock, great drop! On 18's (cant remember what size tires)when adjusted on the last thread cant even fit a finger through!
    Cons: Rubber seat that the springs sits on is kinda a pain in the @ss when adjusting height! I always adjust the height during winter and spring, so the rubber seat between the springs and coils can cause it to get stuck and jam. Needs alot of muscle to get it to unjam, I rather just take the whole coil out to fix it.
    Final verdict: Love them because they ride like stock, dont like a stiff ride since i dont race... I would remove all the rubber seats between the coil and spring, usually they would move and come off them self but i got one stuck and jammed on my passnger rear which i am currently having difficulty with! They seem to be unneccesary to me anyways...
  7. Lxcord

    Lxcord Banned

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    Apr 25, 2007
    Brand & model: TAS-line strut package
    Price paid and from where: $170 plus shipping at their website
    Pros: very affordable, smooth ride quality, great fit and finish
    Final verdict: My brothers' car needed some new shocks, and so I ordered the TAS line shocks for him. The shipping was very quick, and the ride quality on these shocks is great. I highly recommend TAS for people who need oem parts but dont want to pay dealer prices.
  8. rexxx

    rexxx Well-Known Member

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    Aug 28, 2007
    beckley, wv
    Brand & model: Function Form Type 1 coils
    Price paid and from where: $600 shipped from eBay
    Pros: good produce for a good price. they go crazy low. and ride alot better than i thought they would
    Cons:The way they adjust, PITA
    Final verdict: Definately worth the $600 i spent on them. It is a pain to adjust them, but they ride good, a hell of a lot better than my s tech's did on blown factory struts
  9. PetrineX

    PetrineX New Member

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    Apr 22, 2009
    Houston/College Station
    Brand & model: '03 Acura TL-S Front Strut Bar
    Price paid and from where: $50 from
    Pros: Bolts into the firewall as well as across the engine bay. Allows the fuse box to bolt to it as well. Night and day difference with turn-in.
    Cons: Doesn't look as good as other strut tower bars. Makes my struts pop occasionally while going over rough pavement.
    Final verdict: For the price you can't beat it.

    Brand & model: '03 Acura TL-S Rear Sway Bar
    Price paid and from where: $130 from plus $8 for bushings
    Pros: I don't even remember what understeer feels like...
    Cons: While braking for a corner if my tire pressures aren't right the back end likes to come out.
    Final verdict: Again, for the price you can't get much better.
  10. mista jc

    mista jc Well-Known Member

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    Mar 28, 2007
    San Joaquin Valley, CA
    Brand & model: 04 Acura TL, Progress 24mm rear sway bar
    Price paid and from where: 115 shipped from norcal member
    Pros: Looks great, gunmetal, most thickest sway bar available, easy installation, affordable
    Cons: Could use some beefier end links like MOOG, but can't see spending $50 on something you probably won't notice at all.
    Final verdict: GET IT, it's so affordable, day and night difference, and makes the 6gen handle much better

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